Heron House is ready!

The house is ready to live in.  After three months of Mary Ruth and Emma planning the rehab of the house (Mary Ruth lives 3000 miles away) we are ready to furnish the place.  We bought Heron House in December.  After only seeing it twice, Mary Ruth, with Emma’s input, planned to turn this “diamond in the rough” (Emma’s turn) into a place that our families could enjoy.  Emma and Mary Ruth talked and planned for hours, choosing paint colors, flooring, and when that was complete, furnishings.  We are so thankful for FaceTime.

Michael and Mary Ruth left rainy, overcast Portland on a Thursday, expecting furniture to arrive the next day.  Much to all of our dismay, the furniture didn’t arrive until Tuesday.  Emma pulled together a moving crew who met us at the house at 7AM, just in time to greet to truck driver.  It took a few hours, but all was unloaded to Heron House.  The rest of the day was spent unpacking, assembling, and getting the house together.  By Tuesday night it was almost done.  Just in time for Emma to go back to work for the week.  But Heron House is now complete.

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